Red Clay BallㅣMud Ball

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Eco-friendly Solid air freshener Ball Type

Characteristics of Yellow Soil Ball
  • Silicon Dioxide (Sio2) and Aluminum (Al2O3) are main ingredients and eco-friendly balls.
  • They are multi-porous structured, so specific surface area is large and the radiation of ultrared ray is strong, so they help physiological functions of the human body to perform smoothly.
  • Yellow soil absorbs, cohere and settle harmful substances and remove bad order.
  • They have the function of purifying polluted air from chemical, electric and radioactive substances because of negative ion effect.
  • The size of yellow soil balls is 7mm in diameter..
Characteristics of Ceramic Balls
  • They are composed of natural minerals and materials like elvan, yellow soil, alumina, etc. in a specific ratio and they are eco-friendly pure-white products that go well with surrounding space.
  • They are mixed with various natural substances and excellent material for the human body because of the emission of the ultrared ray and negative ions.
  • The size of ceramic balls is 4mm in diameter.
  • Office space, Cars
  • Lavender, Jasmine, Rose, Lemon, phytoncide, Eucalyptus, etc.
purpose of use
Purpose For pocket use-clothes chests, drawers, shoe chests, bags, handbags, etc.
size 55mmx60mm


weight 15g
Purpose Refill
size 95mmx140mm


For pocket
Purpose indoor(car)
size 100mmx160mm


weight 70g
Indoor (Car)
Purpose indoor , vehicle
size 85mmx85mmX85mm(deep)


weight 80g
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