Eco friendly solid aromatic Deodorant

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Eco-friendly solid air fresher

Uniform ,Eco-Friendly , Save Money, Multitasking

  • Uniform Density of Aroma Gasfied Nanoparticles help spread aroma indoors uniformly and they are coated to help flow out slowly, so the aroma is gentle.
  • Eco-friendly yellow soil  materials It is made up of eco-friendly materials, yellow soil, so after its aroma is evaporated, it is possible to remove it on the ground or to use it around flower pots or as other props. In addition, it is safe since alcohol or formaldehyde, which is added into general aroma products, is not included.
  • Save Money  Long-lasting Aroma Special coating technology makes it possible to have aroma come out of it slowly, so it lasts up to 3 months and it is relatively more economical than other liquid type aromatics.
  • Multitasking Multi-functionality The unique functions of yellow soil are to absorb, cohere and settle harmful substances, so it removes bad odor and purifies polluted air with negative ion effect. Moreover, it is safe to touch it with hands; since it is solid type, it is easy and convenient to carry and handle to the places where people want to locate and it is possible to use it as interior props catering to other desired tastes of props.
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